Joomla Admin Mobile! Component Changelog
This is the Changelog for the Joomla Admin Mobile! component.

Version 2.2.2 E-mail
  • Released 3/27/2012
  • Add Force Output Buffering parameter.
  • Add check for Admin with access checks so users aren't required to save the component permissions once before accessing global configuration.
  • Change zip package to not include the root com_joomlaadminmobile_v* folder. This was causing install issues for a user.
Version 2.2.1 E-mail
  • Released 1/6/2012
  • Update Banners plugin to version 1.0.1 - this version fixes the detail page.
  • Change the way the created date is set on new items (use GMT).
  • Add detach_nonjoomla_user_plugins parameter to allow skipping over non-Joomla user plugins. This can be used to avoid redirecting from other 3rd party plugins.
  • Add code to call getInstance if it exists on the class passed in to callPluginMethod. This allows the plugin to get the instance created by Joomla if needed.
Version 2.2.0 E-mail
  • Released 12/8/2011
  • Add support for 3rd party plugins.
  • Add Banners Plugin.
  • Add User Statistics Plugin.
  • Add support for Global Configuration.
  • Add 'Replace Escaped Characters' parameter to work around the libxml bug.
  • Add 'Exit After Executing' parameter to work around system plugins that modify the response.
  • Add more information to the admin backend.
  • Present information to the user from the front end rather than xmlrpc error.
  • Remove call to parent constructor. It caused 'Fatal Error, no parent class available on line 49.' using PHP 4.4.9
Version 2.1.3 E-mail
  • Released 11/1/2011
  • Call logout to end the user session that is created. Also clean up the guest session that is created.
Version 2.1.2 E-mail
  • Released 11/1/2011
  • Start plugin changes.
  • Change "Login Failed" to return a message letting the user know either the username/password is wrong or the user is not in a high enough group to access the component.
  • Force display_errors php setting to 0 if JAM debug setting is off to avoid users getting warnings on sites where display_errors is on.
  • Add code to avoid including xmlrpc files twice. This did not happen in all cases, but a user reported it on the forum.
Version 2.1.1 E-mail
  • Released 10/26/2011
  • Fix non-1.5 functionality to insert a row into the #__content_frontpage for featured articles. I was expecting this to be removed/cleaned up, but it looks like it's still needed for now.
Version 2.1.0 E-mail
  • Released 10/11/2011
  • Improvements to user group/level permissions.
  • Add getVersionWithLogin method to be used by Android (and iPhone eventually).
  • This is the first (and lowest required) version used by Android.
  • Set extesions='com_content' for new categories.
  • Change delete mysql call to use setQuery/query because Joomla! 1.6/1.7 no longer has an execute db method.
  • Use JApplication::login rather than JAuthentication::authenticate to make sure a session is created for the user (Joomla! uses this at the database level for created/modified_user_ids).
  • Return an error from the delete calls if they fail (previously always returned success).
  • Pass Joomla! error message back in the error when item::check method fails.
  • Check for Joomla15 as well as gid on user. 1.6 still had the gid but 1.7 does not.
Version 2.0.6 E-mail
  • Released 8/25/2011
  • Set language="*" for new articles on non-1.5 sites.
  • Temporarily change getVersion to return 1.6 for any non-1.5 sites. This is a temporary fix until JAM 2.0.2. Previous versions of JAM were looking for 1.6 rather than looking for 1.5 so they will recognize a 1.7 site as 1.5.
Version 2.0.5 E-mail
  • Released 7/8/2011
  • Change isJoomla16 logic to !isJoomla15. This was causing issues on 1.7 sites.
  • Disable response compression. This causes issues on certain sites and was the quickest fix at the moment.
Version 2.0.4 E-mail
  • Released 6/20/2011
  • Move call to jimport('joomla.user.helper');
Version 2.0.3 E-mail
  • Released 6/1/2011
  • Handle onContentBeforeSave/onContentAfterSave events for 1.6 (in 1.5, they are onBeforeContentSave/onAfterContentSave).
Version 2.0.2 E-mail
  • Released 5/28/2011
  • Fix a bug with article filtering by category in 1.6.
  • Trigger onBefore/AfterContentSave events for articles.
  • Disable gzip compression.
Version 2.0.1 E-mail
  • Released 5/27/2011 (only to one tester)
  • Major changes for Joomla! 1.6
  • Remove loadplugins parameter and related plugin code.
  • Set xmlrpc_internalencoding global.
  • Don't check user groups if gid is 0 for 1.6.
  • Add code to rebuild path for category in non-1.5.
  • Make count query ungreedy
Version 2.0.0 E-mail
  • Released 5/3/2011
  • Update plugin to component