Joomla Admin Mobile! Android Application Changelog
This is the Changelog for the Joomla Admin Mobile! Android application.

Version 4 - 1.1.1 E-mail
  • Released 1/19/2012
  • Fix a bug with plugins - clicking links did nothing.
  • Add Debug Plugin Javascript configuration setting.
  • Change splash screen image to match parent to fix tablets.
Version 3 - 1.1.0 E-mail
  • Released 12/9/2011
  • Require component version 2.2
  • Add 3rd party plugins.
  • Add Global Configuration.
  • Fix SimpleAdapter code in full version so access and state show the human readable text rather than the code.
  • Change some logic to avoid crashes when the app is doing work and the orientation changes.
  • Change some logic with the AsyncTasks to avoid crashes.
  • Fixed layout problem when Site Name is longer than text box (doesn't stretch over the screen).
  • Add Lite dialog at application startup.
Version 2 - 1.0.1 E-mail
  • Released 10/12/2011
  • Fix a crash when the user connects to a site without the component installed.
  • Provide the user with a more informative error message when the server sends a response that is not a valid xmlrpc response.
Version 1 - 1.0.0 E-mail
  • Released 10/11/2011
  • First Release.