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The Joomla! Admin Mobile application now supports 3rd party plugins. This capability means the functionality and data users can access from their iPad, iPhone, and Android devices is unlimited.


How JAM Plugins Work:

JAM plugins are a specific type of Joomla! plugin that are able to communicate with the JAM component.  When the user accesses their site through the JAM application, the application communicates with the component installed on their site.  When accessing the 3rd party plugins through the application, the application sends its requests to the component which then communicates with the individual plugins and returns the requested data.

This means the functionality and data that can be accessed from the JAM appliation is unlimited.  If there is anything (files, database tables, etc) you want to access from your site or server from your mobile device, it can be done through a JAM plugin.


Available Plugins:

Plugin Name Latest Version Description Download Link
Banners 2.0.0 This plugins allows users to access data for the banners component that is included in the core Joomla! package. Banners
Included in JAM component.
User Statistics 2.0.0 This plugin provides information about registered users on a Joomla! site as well as session information about users logged into a Joomla! site. User Statistics
Included in JAM component.
Hello World 2.0.0 This plugin is an example plugin to help users understand how the plugin process works. Hello World
MySql Table 2.0.0 This plugin is an example plugin to help users understand how the plugin process works. It is also a template that can easily be changed to allow users to access any MySql table on their site. MySql Table


Requested Plugins (last updated 12/27/2011):

For a full list of requests, see our UserVoice Page.

UserVoice Link Votes
3rd Party Plugin: support K2 content 136
3rd Party Plugin: Community Builder Support 91
3rd Party Plugin: Ability to manage virtuemart and other componets 52
3rd Party Plugin: Schlu's Eventlist 43
3rd Party Plugin: Support for JEvents 1.5 36
3rd Party Plugin: use joomlapack to remotely backup your site 26
3rd Party Plugin: need to be able to manage components like jcomments etc. 22
3rd Party Plugin: Kunena support 15
3rd Party Plugin: Add new ZOO 2 Blog Item 14
3rd Party Plugin: Add support to manage AEC 12
3rd Party Plugin: JomSocial support 12
3rd Party Plugin: Akeeba Backup Core integration - so just take for example Drupad http://drupad.com 12
3rd Party Plugin: Support for Agora forum 9
3rd Party Plugin: Support for JCal Pro 9
3rd Party Plugin: Support for JoomSuite Resources component. 6
3rd Party Plugin: Enable PhocaGallary administration 5
3rd Party Plugin: Allow options for joomlasuite to allow sites to be secure 3
3rd Party Plugin: JReviews support 3
3rd Party Plugin: Easyblog Management 3
3rd Party Plugin: JomComment Support 1
3rd Party Plugin: Joomfish 1
3rd Party Plugin: Add jUpdate functionality to keep Joomla installations up to date and secure 1
3rd Party Plugin: myBlog support 0


JAM Plugin Tutorial:

To help developers understand the JAM plugin process, we have provided the following articles:

If you would like to see another example plugin or need help, please contact us.


JAM Plugin Support:

If you are experiencing issues with a plugin, have a question, or would like assistance developing your own JAM plugin, post on our JAM Plugin Support Forum.


Share Your Plugin:

If you have developed a plugin that you would like to share with others, be sure to post it on the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED).  Also email us about it at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  so we can add it to the table above.