Allergy Guard for the iPhone
Allergy Guard (renamed from Picky Eater) E-mail

Allergy Guard is now available!

Ever wonder what's in the foods you're eating? Populated with almost 2,000 ingredients and their relationships to over 100 food groups (allergens), Allergy Guard lets you quickly know what to avoid while you're out to eat, at the grocery store, or preparing your next meal.

Perfect for those with food allergies, food intolerances, dislikes of common foods, or those just curious about what's in specific ingredients.

Easy to use with an alphabetical index of ingredients or allergens, along with an easy to use search function.  Additionally, pictures make spotting what you're looking a snap!

The ingredient and allergen listings are stored on the device, so you can take it with you whether you have an internet connection or not.  New ingredients and associations are added regularly, and can be quickly downloaded with the click of a button.

All information in this application is provided by Cooking Allergy Free.

Easily search over 100 allergens
See each allergen's hierarchy
Find associated ingredients with ease
Search by ingredient to find it's allergens
Browse each ingredient's allergens


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